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The Phoenix Saloon Timeline

1871 -  John Sippel completes the original two story building

1872-1875 -   Schumacher Brewery in basement

1872–1873 -   Hohmann & Meier Saloon & Billiard Room

1873–1875 -  Hohmann Saloon

1875-1877 -  Kronkosky Saloon

1877-1877 -  Hohmann & Ludwig Saloon

1877-1881 -   Ludwig Saloon

1881-1885 -   Krause Saloon & Billiard Hall

1882 -  Owner John Sippel builds a bowling alley to rear of building

1885 -  Proprietor Walter Krause dies on Aug 7 from injuries sustained in a July 26 bar fight with James Alexander.

1885-1886 -  Streuer Saloon

1886–1893 -   Ludwig Saloon

1887 -   Second floor serves as headquarters for the Anti-Prohibition movement.

1891 -  Sippel builds a pool and fountain to the side of the saloon.

1892 -   William Gebhardt opens a cafe at the back of the Ludwig Saloon

1893–1895 -  Mittendorf & Son Saloon

1894 -   William Gebhardt develops his now famous chili powder (called Tampico Dust).

1895–1896 -   After a fire temporarily shuts the bar, new proprietors Philip Holzmann and Gottlieb Oberkampf re-open the bar, re-naming it the Phoenix Saloon

1898-1899 -  Holzmann moves to Schertz and Oberkampf becomes sole proprietor

1899-1900 -  Carl Luerson and Henry Fischer operate the Phoenix Saloon.

1900 -   On April 25, John Sippel kills himself on the second floor with a gun shot to the right temple.

1900–1918 -   Proprietors of the Phoenix Saloon & Restaurant during this period include Carl Luersen & Henry, Fischer, Hermann Tolle, Edward Kalies, Otto Reeh, the Alves Brothers, twin brothers Bruno and Alfred Pape, Adolf F. Moeller & Henry Warnecke, Emil Mergele, Gustav Becker & Oswald Ulbricht, Charles Scheel, Charles M. Doeppenschmidt, Edwin Alves, Charles Soechting (the last proprietor).

1918 -  Prohibition closes the Phoenix Saloon on June 26

1918–1922 -   An illicit brewery operates out of the basement

1919-1922(?) -   Phoenix Restaurant

1922 -   Albert Robert Ludwig expands the building (changing the architecture, enlarging its footprint and adding a third floor.

1923–1932 -   Mendlovitz Department Store

1927 -   Jacob Schmidt bought the building and changed the name displayed on the front (at top) from A.R. Ludwig to Schmidt (as it appears today).

1932–1936 -  Stehling Brothers Men & Boys Wear

1935-1936 -   Building undergoes its last major renovation

1936-1995 -  Jacob Schmidt & Son (department store)

1996–1997 -   Attic Antiquity

1997-2007 -   Color Express (print and copy center run by former Mayor Adam Cork)

2010 -   The Phoenix Saloon rises again...



















The Georges
The Beaumonts
Adam Johnson & The Pay Me's
Rodney Hayden
Scott H Biram
Mario Flores & The Soda Creek Band
Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground
Rick Sanford Band
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193 W. San Antonio St, New Braunfels TX 78130. Just off the Plaza in the heart of historic downtown. Click here for map